“Looking for the minimum”
Exploring minimalism with the accordion

Instructor: George Lolas

Do you know the music trend of minimalism? Are you familiar with minimalism in music?

Which are the characteristic features of this music?

Surely you have heard minimalist works, maybe without knowing it.

Originated in New York in the 1960s, minimalism is one of the most popular genres of experimental music. Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Arvo Pärt are some of the most significant and well-known minimalists.

Have you ever wondered what a minimalist composition with one or more accordions sounds like?

This is what we will try to discover by playing together in this workshop, which is open to all levels and ages.

Participants will need: an accordion & good mood.

Duration: 3 hours
Saturday 23.9.2023
Maximum number of participants: 15
Participation fee: 25€ / Reduced: 20€