“Gran Orquesta de Tango Nuevo”
Concert and Milonga @ WE

Almost a century has passed since the time when Eduardo Bianco’s orchestra stole the show in Athens during the interwar period.

Bianco’s big orchestra tradition with its special formation based on the coexistence of multiple bandoneons will be revived with the creation of the “Gran Orquesta de Tango Nuevo” during “Reedblocks VI”

Through the original arrangements of K.Raptis, the works of the classics J.Plaz, M.Mores, of the innovators H.Salgan, A.Piazzolla, J.J.Mosalini and of I.Vavatsikas, are transformed into a rare fusion of tango sounds, jazz and symphonic music, where the “classic” tango meets improvised music and contemporary idioms.

After the concert the dancing floor will be open for a milonga with both classic tango recordings (DJ Uwe) and live music sets.

  • Dimitris Arabatzis, bandoneon,
  • Iraklis Vavatsikas, bandoneon
  • Konstantinos Zigkeridis, bandoneon
  • Konstantinos Raptis, bandoneon / orchestrations
  • Evangelia Koutsodimou, violin
  • Iordanis Santos Mastralexis, violin
  • Orfeas Sarantakos, violin
  • Antonis Tzivenis, viola
  • Konstantinos Sifakis, double bass
  • Lefteris Misirgis, piano

Sunday, September 24
September 3rd and G. Lambrakis str.
Ticket: 10€ / Reduced: 7€
All-concerts pass: 20€ / Reduced: 15€