Film screening
“Die Reise des Bandoneón” (The Journey of the Bandoneón)
Martin C. Wolfstein (Germany, 2022)

Sociologist Martin C. Wolfstein has devoted much of his life to researching and studying the history of a previously forgotten instrument.

In his film “Die Reise des Bandoneón” (The Journey of the Bandoneón) he presents several aspects of the history of the Bandoneón, the main musical instrument of Tango Argentino.

In 2008 the Bandoneón was declared a World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO as a defining instrument of the “Argentine Tango” style. Before arriving in Argentina, it had a special historical journey in Germany identified with the miners, in whose circles it was particularly loved and known as the “Bergmannsklavier” (miners’ piano).

The film is the story of a musical instrument and its musicians: bandoneonists, amateurs and non-professionals, from East and West Germany, and of course from Argentina. The film features the testimonies of Bandoneón legend Leopoldo Federico and 102-year-old Helene Arnold, daughter of the most important Bandoneón maker Alfred Arnold.

The film is shown for the first-time outside Germany.

Saturday 23.9.2023
Aneton Municipal Theatre
General admission: 3 Euros
Free entry for all workshop participants